Welcome to my "Links" page. I'm sure I'll add more links as time goes by, but we've got quite enough to be going on with for now, thank you very much. The sharp-eye among you will note that this page has been heavily influenced by the layout (stolen shamelessly, that means) of the links page in Jim Steel's Cave of Doom site, but, heck, he's a fellow Glasgow SF Writers Circle member and won't mind, I'm sure.

What follows are some links to bands I like; writers I like; writers I know; book shops and retailers I've been known to buy the odd book from; some publishers and magazines you should look out for; and some resources you might find useful; then some other general "stuff" such as the link to Stephen King's rock radio station, where Fred Zeppelin's show is currently playing as I write.

I hope you find some of this useful.


Alice in Chains - reformed after the death a few years back of lead singer Wayne Staley, they had a new album out in September 2009.

The Boss Hoss - great country trash band, look out for their "unique" cover versions.

Clutch - the only band I know whose lyrics page links to Wikipedia, finally caught them at Download 2009 and a couple of weeks ago at "The Garage" in Glasgow.

Disturbed - caught them twice in 2008, and both of the Hunter bairns are into them big time. I only know a handful of their songs, but there is one line I really want to "borrow" for a story.

Faith No More - reunited, as they sang on their return gig at this year's Download, and stole the show with some old classics and some strange cover versions ("Poker Face" anyone?). Album, please, guys.

Glenn Hughes - maybe the best album of 2008 with "First Underground Nuclear Kitchen", and there's some great percussion work from the Chillis' Chad Smith, but not sure about Glenn's new look though.

The Gutter Twins - it used to say "see October's 2008 "The Now" for more details about them", but that's goneto "The Now" heaven. Hopefully there will be another album and tour sometime

Kerrang - I know I'm too old to subscribe to this, but hey, life is loud. Hit those strings! Kerrang!!! Again! Kerrang!!!

PJ Harvey - ah, the grundge goddess of goth, or the goth goddess of grunge, but she's more than that, really, sigh.

Porcupine Tree - how would you describe this band? Well, I can't, just listen to them, particularly "Fear of a Blank Planet", "Deadwing" and "Nil Recurring" and find out why they get the likes of Robert Fripp and Alex Lifeson guesting for them

Voivod - hit hard by the death of Denis "Piggy" D'Amour, but hopefully "Away", "Snake" and "Jasonic" will continue. Catch the band that provided one half of the Trickster's name (pinched from lead singer Denis "Snake" Belanger). Their last two albums are two of the most intelligent metal albums around, and I finally got to see them at this year's Download, for a stonking performance by frontman Belanger,and they played Pink Floyd's "Interstellar Overdrive" too.

Frank Zappa - he's been gone sixteen years, and I still his miss his unique take on...everything! I can only imagine what he would have made of the world since 1993. A great satirist, and a great guitar player, and a great loss.


Cold Tonnage - is this the best fantasy, science fiction and horror bookshop? Check it out and judge for yourself.

Dark Delicacies - sign up to their newsletter for guest authors, actors, directors, composers and lots of other people who turn up at their store for signing sessions.

Elastic Press - one of the best UK small presses around. Catch them while you can as sadly Andrew Hook has decided to call it a day. They published Neil Williamson's collection, "The Ephermera" as well as Chris Beckett's "The Turing Test". But, I still haven't got the hang of this "slipstream" stuff.

Futureshock - is it the original Glasgow comic shop? Who knows, but go along and dig in those drawers for treasure. I think I actually bought a copy of "Interzone 1" there, speaking of which....

Interzone and TTA Press - too good for their own good, not only do they bring out "Interzone" and "Black Static", which are two of the best magazines around, but for crime buffs there is also "Crimewave", and also, the essential, "The Fix". Oh, and from time to time they publish great books too, like Andrew Humphrey's haunting, "Alison". Don't you just hate them?

PS Publishing - "It's alive!" Pete Crowther has created an award-winning monster, which produces some of the best novellas and novels around, as well as the essential "Postscripts" magazine. Qwalityyyyy maaaannnnnnnn!

Screaming Dreams - home of the great Estronomicon eZine, and some mighty fine new fiction, look out for Gary McMahon's forthcoming "Different Skins", with a Vinnie Chong cover, drool.

Supernatural Tales - up to issue number 15, so shame on you if you haven't caught ST by now. I'd advise you to correct that mistake, pronto, or just try and ignore that scratching at the door/window/from the attic/beneath the floorboards.

TransReal - the best science fiction, fantasy and horror bookshop in Scotland, just off Edinburgh's historic "Grassmarket", so pretty handy for some great pubs if you've got any money left.


Allyson Bird - BFS member and author of the collection, "Bull Running For Girls (spot yet another great Vincent Chong cover, which also graces Ally's website)

Duncan Lunan - member of the Glasgow SF Writers Circle, as well as an astronomer, writer, editor, reviewer, and author of books like "Man and the Stars" Apart from all that, he's a Jeff Hawke buff, and a member of the Association in Scotland to Research into Astronautics, in other words: ASTRA.

Gary Gibson - member of the Glasgow SF Writers Circle, and author of books like "Angel Stations", "Against Gravity",and "Stealing Light". Sadly, no longer on these shores, but he continues to communicate to us with transmissions from the beyond.

Hal Duncan - member of the Glasgow SF Writers Circle, and author of the weighty tomes, "Vellum" and "Ink", and now, "Escape from Hell".

Jim Steel - member of the Glasgow SF Writers Circle, and an editor, reviewer, and Queens Park supporter, as well as Interzone's own kingpin. Take a few days off work and read the rich seam that runs through his "Cave of Doom". If only I had the time to dig out all the treasures (links and opportunities) in there.

Kim Newman - a great prose stylist, and someone who gave vampire fiction a much needed shot in the neck.

Lawrence Osbourn - member of the Glasgow SF Writers Circle, and an editor, singer, walker, Tolkien fan, and a blogger who is trying to integrate the scattered parts of his life, so there.

Mark Harding - member of the Glasgow SF Writers Circle, who says he is ghastly and artificial. Surely not? But he does like his steampunk. Check him out and make up your own mind.

Michael Cobley - member of the Glasgow SF Writers Circle, and author of The Shadowkings trilogy, but I've just got a proof copy of his new science fiction epic to review, heh, heh, heh.

Neil Gaiman - one of the best writers around with one of the best websites, doesn't it make you sick on both fronts?

Neil Williamson - member of the Glasgow SF Writers Circle, and the man who makes it tick, and when he's not writing, or editing, he's playing piano in Murnie.

Paul Cockburn - member of the Glasgow SF Writers Circle, and full-time writer who likes dogs and chocolate, but not necessarily in that order.

Philip Pullman - author of "His Dark Materials", but don't forget the wonderful "The Firework Maker's Daughter", which - true confessions - is probablymy favourite of all his work. Look out for movie version of "The Scarecrow and his Servant" coming out soon, has to be better than "The Golden Compass".

Ramsay Campbell - my leader, President of the BFS, and arguably the best horror short story writer of all time, and his novels aren't bad either.

Vincent Chong - too young to be that talented. Yet he is, and already picking up awards. Look at his artwork and drool.

William Meikle - a Scottish writing force of nature, with his fingers in more pies than he has fingers for! Eh? Follow his lead, and you won't go wrong.


The Amalgamated Brotherhood of Spooks - the website dedicated to old-style spooky fiction.

Ansible - David Langford's unstoppable SF review

British Fantasy Society - if you are interested in fantasy and horror fiction, not forgetting movies, TV, comics and everything else, this is the place for you.

Duotrope's Digest - is this the writer's market search engine?

The Ghost Story Society - what these folks don't know about ghost stories and super atural fiction isn't worth knowing, but can you keep up with the posts?

Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle - the best writer's circle in the West (of Scotland, and everywhere else). Come along and brave the ring of fire!

Hub Magazine - feed the writers, feed them, now!!!!

London Vampyre Group - well, I had to have some vampires in somewhere.

Ralan - looking for a market for your science fiction, fantasy or horror story? This is one of the places to check out.

Read Raw Ltd - the website of the Scottish Writer's Collective, what a great job that Wullie-boy is doing.

St. Mungo's Mirrorball - the home of the Glasgow poets, me, included.

WKIT, 100.3FM - Stephen King's own rock radio station, hence the giveaway logo.

Word Dogs - the twice-yearly spoken word event that takes place in Glasgow, and I was a member of the all-powerful (it says here) Junta for the December 2008 bash. When's the next one, guys?