Welcome to the website of Ian Hunter,children's author, short story writer, poet, editor and occasional book reviewer.


I'm the author of three children's books - "The Dark Knight's Blade", inspired by my love of the film "A Chinese Ghost Story", "Lipstick Lass", inspired by my children's love of the Captain Underpants books, and the Powerpuff Girls cartoon series; and "The Magic Mousehole", inspired by a short story I wrote called "The Great Cheese Robbery".

I'm a member of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle, who occasionally "critter" my stories into shape using the Milford Method, and I'm a Director of the Scottish Writers collective known as "Read Raw".

As mentioned, I review books for "Interzone" the UK's leading science fiction magazine, as well as for "Concatenation" and I also review poetry collections for "The Glasgow Review of Books", and I'm poetry editor of "The Journal" of the British Fantasy Society.

The portrait you can see of me here was done by Alasdair Gray inside a copy of his novel "Lanark" at a very early Edinburgh Book Festival. Somehow it stays the same, while I get older, which I didn't think was part of the deal!

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