Weird Love – the WordDogs antidote to St. Valentine's Day- call for readers

Sick of all those chocolates in the heart shaped box? Binned the roses that have lost their petals? Trying not to gag at the sickly sonnets in St. Valentine's cards?

Then get all that love stuff out of your system, by submitting to the next WordDogs spoken word event, "Weird Love". We're looking for your poems and stories and novel extracts and twisted love letters you got from your stalker, or those you sent the person you were stalking (hey, always keep a copy of your work, right, but maybe not on this occasion), or anything else you have that fits the bill.

Twisted love. Tainted love. Dark love. Strange love. Sick love. Demented love. Tales of unrequited love. If they add up to Weird Love we want to see them.

The venue is Cafe Fressh in Cochrane Street, just off George Square, which hosted the last two WordDogs events, and this one will be on Tuesday 16th February 2010, 7.30pm, for an 8pm start.

Send your Weird Love submissions – no longer than 2500 words, please (this is a strict submission rule, anything longer than that will be rejected unread) – to:

Paul Cockburn at

Mark Harding at

Ian Hunter at

Please send your submissions to all three of us, and you have until the end of January 2010 to send them in - bags of time, so no excuses.

We look forward to be touched by your weirdness.


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