The founding members of the Scottish Writing Collective that is Read Raw (check out for more details) had their first meeting of the year last Thursday in The Counting House in Glasgow, a fine hostelry, if you know it, especially on Thursday nights which is Curry Night - curry and a pint for a cheap price, depending on what curry you get; and they had a drinks "sale" on as well, pints of Ruddles for 99p. Mr. Counting House, you spoil us, or maybe that should be Mr. Wetherspoons. They also do a fine line in yummy mochas. Because of the big freeze, and lack of trains, I was driving, and parked right outside the front door, which meant I didn't need my gloves or my new MP3 player - yes, I am sort of moving into the 21st Century, and yes, songs in my ears has made going to gym almost tolerable - as the front door was only yards away.

GW Colkitto and I had brought something to read. Wullie didn't have anything and neither did Mo Blake, who practised her finely-tuned criticism skills on us. Think the Spanish Inquisition, a Gestapo interrogation, torture down the ages, that's what it's like getting a crittering from Mo. The sound of her pen scratching away furiously on your poem is enough to make your blood freeze, your skin crawl. We used to call Jack Hastie the Shredder, but he is not in Mo's league. She is the Uber-Shredder. Beware, you have been warned, hand her something to read at your peril.

Read Raw have BIG plans for 2010, world domination included, of course. Tune into our website mentioned above, or here, and I'll try and keep you up to date, if I'm not licking my wounds after being Mo-ed down!.


By: Ian Hunter On Saturday, 09 January 2010 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(2903)