Albums of the Noughties - part four



And still in no particular order:


The White Stripes “Elephant”

Peatbog Faeries “What Men Deserve to Lose”- jazz fusion from the men from Skye, think David Sanborn with fiddles and bagpipes added

Porcupine Tree “Fear of a Blank Planet”- their best album of the decade with some stellar guest stars.

Alterbridge “One Day Remains” – the guys from “Creed” ditch their singer and reform with another guy who wasn’t too shabby on the vocal front after all

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss “Raising Sand”- caught them in Manchester for some slowed down Cajuny/bluegrass versions of Zeppelin songs

Thrice “The Alchemy Index Vols III & IV Air & Earth” – a total, subtle change of direction

Lacuna Coil “Karmacode”- ah, Christina, saw her three times in concert this decade, twice with the band and once with a bunch of guys on cellos

PJ Harvey “Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea”- her Mercury Prize winning album, and one of the best gigs of the decade

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan “Sunday at Devil Dirt”- as if one album wasn’t good enough, they brought out another one

The Panic Channel “(One)” – three of the members of Jane’s Addiction do a Creed/Alterbridge and bring out an album with Steve Isaacs on vocals – just one of the best voices in rock. Where are they now? And where’s Steve, doing digital marketing for TV shows – get back behind a mike Steve!!!!?

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