All right, everyone!

At last we have an opening for a WordDogs Christmas show. The theme will be generally along the lines of Christmas/Winter, etc. We'll come up with a snappy title that encapsulates that soon (currently leaning towards "WordDogs : The BITE Before Christmas" but open to better offers). If you have something that you're not sure can be stretched to fit the theme, query us and Ian and I will make a call.

The venue will be the Fressh cafe that you performed in last time. They're very very nice people and very keen to OPEN UP SPECIALLY to put us on (and hopefully sell a few coffees and cakes). We just need to tell them what date we want to do it and give them promo materials as soon as we can.

What we want right now - an indication of whether you want to submit, and which of the following dates you would prefer (all in December) : 15th (which is a GSFWC night, so we'd rather not, but we'll do it if it's a last resort), 17th, 18th or 22nd.

What we want submissions-wise - snappy, funny, creepy, surprising, beautiful, in-yer-face and above all entertaining short fiction that can be called in some way "seasonal". As soon as you can. We've not got a lot of time to put this together so basically, the deadline is now, and we're all past it (keep the jokes for later please).

Send yer entries in to both these addresses please: and

The ball is rolling.

By: Ian Hunter On Thursday, 26 November 2009 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(1817)