2 Honourable Mentions in Best Horror of the Year

Or should I make that "Honorable mentions"?

Just as "Best New Horror" edited by Steve Jones is an essential purchase, so too was "The Years Best Fantasy and Horror" edited over the years by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, who then retired from editing duties to be replaced by Kelly Link and Gavin J Grant. Occasionally one of my stories got an "honorable mention" in "YBF&H" which was a cause for joy. Sadly that title is no more, but Ellen has teamed up with Night Shade Books to bring out "Best Horror of the Year", and among it's honourable mentions are two of my stories -  "Where I Went On My Holidays" which appeared in Postscripts 17; and "The Fox and the Trickster" which appeared in the vampire anthology "Lips of Scarlet", and can be found on this very site at the "Where's Roam" page.

The full list of "honorable mentions" can be found here:



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