Eibonvale Press launch in Glasgow

Last Thursday the Read Raw crew and some of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle met up at Waterstones in Glasgow for the launch of two new Eibonvale Press titles, namely "Once and Future Cities" by Allen Ashley and "Ultrameta" by Douglas Thompson. On the night we were treated to some free wine and a reading from both of them. I had never heard Douglas' work before, although funnily enough the latest issue of "Visionary Tongue" has an interview with him, but I have read a lot of Allen's work over the years as he is a well-kent face to members of the British Fantasy Society through his many appearances in the small press and beyond and his editorial stints with Elastic Press.

More details about Eibonvale Press can we found here:


And an interview with owner and publisher, David Rix, can be found at:



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