Kerrang says buy these, I try to resist
I like Kerrang. I subscribe to Kerrang. I like their album reviews - 5 Ks for a classic, down to 1K for poor. They also do this 'For fans of' line which gives you a steer. My experience is never buy an album with 3Ks or less. Recently, after applying the 4 and 5 K rules and looking at the 'fans' line, they have tried to encourage me to buy the following albums (and I have succumbed with one purchase, so far):

AC/DC 'Black Ice'

Amon Amath 'Twilight of the Thunder God'

Anathema 'Hindsight'

Battlelore 'The Last Alliance'

Burst 'Lazarus Bird'

Bob Catley 'Immortal'

The Clash 'Live at the Shea Stadium'

The Drowning 'This Bleak Descent'

Enslaved 'Vertebrae'

Evergrey 'Torn'

Flobots 'Fight With Tools'

Foreigner 'No End in Sight, The Very Best of....'

I Am Ghost 'Those We Leave Behind'

In This Moment 'The Dream'

Metallica 'Death Magnetic'


By: Ian Hunter On Sunday, 19 October 2008 Comment Comments( 2 ) Hits Views(1274)
Comments Re: Kerrang says buy these, I try to resist
Let me Guess Death Magnetic.......Cheating!!! as I know that was it....I am sure Black Ice will follow soon now that its been released.
By: Angus McIntyre , On Wednesday, 22 October 2008
Comments Re: Kerrang says buy these, I try to resist
Ach, Sherlock, you're too quick for me, and they are playing Glasgow too, I hear.
By: Ian Hunter , On Friday, 24 October 2008