Get thee behind me, Kerrang!

Yep, those good old boys at Kerrang are trying to entice me to buy some albums by giving them 4 'Ks' and comparing them to bands I like. Among the current crop of tempters are:

'Good, Good Desperation' by Hopewell, who sound like Jane's Addiction and Pink Floyd. 'Lightbulb Universe' by Icelandic quartet Agent Fresco who sound like Faith No More, and System of a Down. 'Cinco Hombres' by Black Spiders who sound like AC/DC and Turbonegro. 'Final Conversation of Kings' by The Butterfly Effect who sound like Muse and Silverchair. 'Horehound' by The Dead Weather - another group from Jack White with members drawn from Queens of the Stone Age, The Raconteurs, and The Kills - who sound like Down and Black Crows - doh, too late, already succumbed to buying that one.

By: Ian Hunter On Sunday, 26 July 2009 Comment Comments( 1 ) Hits Views(1700)
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And I did end up buying The Butterfly Effect album, and they certainly do sound like Muse in places with the vocal and guitar-work, especially on the first track. Speaking of which, Muse have a new album out next month, along with some othe
By: Ian Hunter , On Friday, 21 August 2009