Download - Day Three comments
It's the last day, kicking off with 'The Stone Gods' - risen from the ashes of the shambles that was 'The Darkness', with a quick jaunt over to the Tuborg Stage to check out if the 'Brides' are an all-female band wearing the shredded remains of wedding dresses. Sadly, they are all guys. Then it's back to the main stage for 'Tesla', and some old geezer appearing on stage to do a very funny intro to 'Skin'. 'Black Stone Cherry' are as good as you would expect them to be, and 'Journey' are pretty slick, with songs that have hooks in them, and a small Japanese-looking guy who sounds very like Steve Perry. Most of the Journey classics are here, except for 'Who's Crying Now?'. They didn't play it. Disaster! After 'Journey' it's the disappointment that is called 'Dream Theater'. I love these guys, I love their albums, but guess what, they cannie sing live! Another disaster! Over on stage two, 'Shinedown' are good, if a little preachy and 'Clutch' come on and take no prisoners with a rocky/bluesy/Steely Dany/Stevie Wondery kind of set. Brilliant. Best way to end the festival, for on a day that was supposed to rain there is not a single cloud in the sky, so much for buying a cagoule, and I'm suffering in the heat, and blow my last beer token on two bottles of water and slither back to my tent, giving 'Whitesnake' and 'Def Leppard' a miss, but the word around our tents are that they were pretty poor. And because I gave those two bands a miss, I didn't break the 30 bands in three days record, reckon it was only 28, which works out about £5 per band, not too shabby I say. Download, for those who have rocked. I!!!! Salute!!!!! You!!!!! Until next time, Donnington. We love you, we do, we really do. What's that? One more time for the world? Oh, well, why not.

By: Ian Hunter On Monday, 06 July 2009 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(1509)