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Okay. Download. Day Two. Saturday. A bit of a weak day, I'm thinking and don't rush off early with the guys to catch Five Finger Death Punch who are on stage one at 11.55am. The first band I catch is Hatebreed, followed by Fightstar, featuring Charlie of the Eyebrows fame, or is that Charlie who used to be in Busted fame? Then it's Down, then a jaunt over to the Tuborg Stage for 'General Fiasco' who were very good, I thought, followed by 'Man Raze', then it's the mighty 'Lawnmower Deth' - lightning fast punk rock, and the only band who managed to squeeze 50 songs into 30 minutes. Following them is 'Thunder', who are sadly on their farewell tour after about 30 years in the business, and it's my fault they are calling it a day as I've never seen them before or bought any of their albums, but they can play, and do to a packed crowd. Over at stage two, it's a very thin and Jesus like Chris Cornell who is fine fettle, treating us to some Audioslave and Soundgarden classics. Not so fine is Marilyn Manson who was rubbish, totally dire and disappointing, but then again, so is his latest album, so big surprise there, or not! After that it's the high-energy hi-jinks of The Prodigy, then a detour to see Anvil, who are jaw-droppingly bad. Man! Lost in a bad-hair rock decade - the 1980s before Metallica kicked back and grunge kicked in. So bad, that at one point I almost choked on my pint. Finally, the night belongs to the guys in the masks - Slipknot, I salute you, a great way to end the day.

By: Ian Hunter On Saturday, 27 June 2009 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(1705)