Download!!!!!!! Day one comments.
I can't say I'm just back from Download, as it finished last Sunday, but it's time to commit to the internet my thoughts about the festival. First, thanks to the Download gang - Dave, Dave, Dave -. No, and Craig (for driving and cooking), Angus (for driving and a few other things like laminated programmes, etc), and the rest of the gang: Tommy, Dave, Mark L, Mark R, Chubby, Keith, and Kevin, and I hope I haven't missed anyone. I must have made ten. Good company, good food, good beer, good pear cider. Guys, I salute you. We should do it again sometime. Oh, we are, sort of, the week after next at AC-DC, and As for Download, the weather forecast predicted rain on the Sunday. People had sent texts saying the pre-festival weather had been lousy, so I splashed out on a cagoule, that's still in the wrapper. Sunday was the hottest day of the lot. My legs got burned, My face got burned - big style - despite suntan lotion. Only, now has parts of my nose stopped curling up and falling off. Nice, eh? It was so hot that on the Sunday, I gave up after Clutch, and decided to miss Whitesnake (I've seen so many times anyway), and Def Leppard (I don't even have any of their albums) for the safety of my tent and blew my last beer token on two bottles of water.

As for the music, I saw 28 bands in three days, as follows for day one: In this Moment (great pair of lungs on Maria Brink, and a killer cover of Blondie's 'Call Me), Bleed From Within, Sylosis (what a drummer), Lauren Harris (who needs to be in a band), Middle-Class Rut, Enter Shikari (pretty damm good), Voivod (showing what a good choice I made in the albino one's surname as Denis Belanger was the perfect frontman, playing to the crowd and capering madly among his bandmates, and of course they finished with Floyd's 'Astronomy Domine'), Opeth (killer combo, and very funny), Korn (who were pretty tight, despite the Queen and Floyd cover versions), Motley Crue (who were just tired) and Faith No More (who stole the show, starting with a slow, and easy cover of Peaches and Herb's 'Reunited. Roddy Bottum on keyboards can't sing, but Mike Patton more than makes up for him, check it out here: End of transmission. Day two comments to follow.

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