Mr Zappa meet Mr Davis
It was my birthday yesterday - time keeps on slipping into the future as Steve Miller used to sing, so we had a barbecue party and I thought since it's my party, I'll have my music for a change, so last week I went through the pillars of CDs inandLinda's wardrobe thing in the front room and picked out a whole load of 'stuff' - Miles Davis, David Sanborn, Frank Zappa, Sarah McLaughlin and the like, and had a ball driving down to Read Raw on Thursday listening to some songs from Frank Zappa's 'Broadway the Hard Way', which is yet, another live Zappa album. No real strange cover versions here. No 'Sunshine of Your Love', 'Ring of Fire', or 'Stairway to Heaven', but there is a slow and easy version of his own 'Dickie's Such an Asshole', Zappa's Nixon/Watergate rant. Not as good as another bluesy version I've got from one of the classic (well, maybe THE classic Mothers -line-up), but pretty good nonetheless. He also does the timeless jazz standard 'Stolen Moments', interrupted by Sting (or 'Mr. Sting' as Frank keeps calling him, which doesn'tand go down too well) to perform a version of The Police's 'Murder by Numbers'.

Then it was on to the Miles from 'We Want Miles'. I saw Miles Davis in concert seven times, have about thirty of his albums on vinyl (and have replacedandmany on CD), and some of the records like 'Live Evil' and 'Big Fun' used to be real collector's items before you could pick them up easily on CD.and 'We Want Miles', probably features his second-last great line up with Marcus Miller on bass, Bill Evans (the sax player, not the great jazz pianist) and Mike ('The Hog is God') Stern on guitar, and given that the band also featured Al Foster on drums and Milo Cinelu on percussion, the rest of the line-up wasn't too sloppy either. Miller, Evans and Stern soon gave way to Jones (The Munch), Berg and Scofield, so things got even better before they spiralled downwards towards the end of Miles career and life. But 'We Want Miles' is the God Miles back from ill-health and semi-retirement at the start of the 1980s, having a lot of fun with a lot of great players. Pure joy.

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A happy belated Birthday, read the Spooky Scotland 1 blog, and decided to scan the others and what do I discover but another Zappa Fan!


WT aka Hat
By: William Joyce , On Sunday, 12 July 2009