This was sort of the year, so far
Hi, and welcome to my first blog. Yesterday was National Poetry Day and I spent last night with my buddies at Read Raw reading poems by ourselves and others. Hope you had a good one. This year's theme was 'work' and somewhere a new collection with one of one work-related poems appeared - memo to self: must track down a copy. Today is World Mental Health Day, which reminds me of Frank Zappa doing his live 'Diseases of the band' routine, and 'bad mental health' featured in a few of the replies, probably an occupational hazard touring with Frank, or getting into the band in the first place. Work/mental health, think there's a connection?

I suppose I should do some sort of crazy mindslurp/stream of consciousness year-to-date update thing, and what would be the highlights, I wonder? Holidaying in Menorca, and catching some of the Wimbledon final with some locals cheering on Rafa. Download, with the Download guys and over twenty concerts in three days - highlight for me was ex-KISS guitarist, Ace Frehley, playing all the songs KISS should have the night before. KISS were average, Judas Priest were awful, but bands like Motorhead just played rock and roll. Download had some unsubtle changes this year, like the stages being a 30 minutes walk from the campsite, which itself had shrunk. Maybe the music highlight of the year was catching Robert Plant and Alison Krauss in Manchester, the week before the EUFA cup final. There was even the (very) odd Cajun, or Bluegrass version of a Zeppelin song, and old hippy, Plant, couldn't resist swaying to the music. I also caught Alterbridge earlier in the year, and they were at Download, as were Distrubed, who played the Academy the other night in Glasgow, and played all four of their songs that I knew, but Number One Son and his mate were chuffed.

Music? Ah, where to start, maybe I'll do a 'Best of the Year' thing, but I've enjoyed albums by Glenn Hughes and Metallica, among others, this year, check out 'The Now' for my favourite pic of the moment.

Films? Has to be 'Hellboy2' and 'Iron Man', ahead of 'The Dark Knight', which although too long, was miles ahead of the likes of 'Drillbit Taylor' and 'Jumper' and 'National Treasure 2' and they were light years ahead of 'Be Kind Rewind'. Another memo to self: must go to movies without the kids and see something adult for a change, even, shock, horror, something with subtitles.

Writing? They don't appear for ages, then come along like buses but recently I've had work in 'New Writing Scotland', 'Dark Horizons' and 'Lips of Scarlet' (ah, the albino one), and have some stories lined up in a few places next year. 'Never up, never in' to use a putting phrase, likewise 'Never submitted, never published' , should be near the top of the list of Ian's Writing Rules. But a lot of this 'stuff' would not have appeared without the support of my fellow writers in the Glasgow SF Circle and the Read Raw bunch, so, thanks, y'all.

And now that I've finally started, I'll finish, and take a break for a week as we head up North for the school week. Rest assured, (ab) normal service will resume on my return, but in the meantime, have fun, I will.

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