JG Ballard dies
Here, we go again, but this is my fourth attempt at writing this, and trying to post it, so here goes. JG Ballard died a few days ago, aged 78, after a long battle with cancer. He is probably best known for his semi-autobiographical novel, 'Empire of the Sun', a stick-on for the 1984 Booker Prize until they opened the envelope and said the winner is 'Anita Brookner for Hotel Du Lac.' Empire was made into a film by Steven Speilberg, and another great director, David Cronenberg, filmed Ballard's novel 'Crash', and caused a bit of a stink at the time. Ballard started off writing avante garde pieces inspired by surreal paintings, then discovered science fiction when he was in the RAF and started writing his own unique brand of science fiction stories, many of which appeared in 'New Worlds', andbefore branching into novels that made his name - 'The Drowned World, 'The Burning World', 'Crash' 'High Rise', and 'The Crystal World' are just a few that had a distinct world view, and coined a new expression - ballardian. His last four novels showed he still had the ability to take 'now', and give it a distinctive, dark 'what if' twist. 'Cult writer' dies the BBC said. I was glad to be a member of his cult.

By: Ian Hunter On Wednesday, 22 April 2009 Comment Comments( 1 ) Hits Views(2535)
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I loved the black sense of humour that wove its way through much of his work. He knew how ridiculous we could be.
By: Jim Steel , On Friday, 24 April 2009