You Really Don't Want To Go There
Tuesday night, back at the Glasgow SF Writers Circle. Slight confusion over the stories. I thought it was Mark and Graeme's short short stories, but it was a longer story from Graeme Stevenson called 'The Bell of Broke Vault', which fits into that horror sub-genre of 'You Really Don't Want To Go There'. I read horror a lot - too much probably, and one of the essential books of the year is the Steve Jones edited 'Best New Horror' which will reach it's 20th edition this year, go Steve. In his pick of the year's best there are a few that fit into the 'YRDWTGT' category. In these stories the 'place' is somewhereandyou did want to goandfor some reason, or one you ended up getting to accidentally, but with the same result - 'YRDWTGT'. I suppose Ramsey Campbell is the obvious master of this story, usually ending on a chlling moment, then just stopping and inducing a shudder in the reader as you imagine what happens next. Catch Ramsey's 'Dark Companions', or 'Alone With The Horrors' collections for several memorable additions to this sub-genre. 'Best New Horror' is also the title of a Joe Hill story where an editor (maybe Steve Jones himself) searches out the short storyandsubmitted to his annual 'Best of the year' horror collection, with maybe predictable results - this guy is writing great horror because he is a horror, and hisandhome is the 'House of Horror', the place 'YRDWTGTo', but what makes Hill's story special is the imagery, the verve of the writing, and his ambiguous ending, and I won't spoil it for you here, search it out. Graeme's story the other night had that same ambiguity and a few nice twists that elevated itandout of the norm of this type of horror tale, with Lovecraftian echoes and maybe a nod towards 'The Lair of the White Worm'. Hopefully the crittering he got was helpful, and crivvens it's my turn in the ring of fire in a few weeks time, gulp.

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