David Byrne plays Glasgow - concert of the year so far!
Okay, it's only early days and I've only been to two other concerts this year - one at Celtic Connections - whatchamacall them again - those guys with the African lutes? That's the ones. And the Mighty Metallica last week, but David Byrne is the concert of the year so far. With the odd Talking Heads song thrown into the mix, like 'Once in a Lifetime' and 'Take me to the River', it was a great foot-tapping, grin-inducing mixture of percussion, keyboards, pulsing bass and some jangly guitars, with background singers and dancers thrown in. No string quarter this time. 'Psycho Killer!' someone kept shouting out between songs - not sure if he was requesting that song, or introducing himself, and of course we got the usual 'Goan yersel,andDavid!', but since he lived in Dunbarton until he was two he knew perfectly what the audience were yelling.

But he's a strange, different, interesting sort of guy, so check him out hereand

and here

and here as well

He'll go far that boy.

By: Ian Hunter On Wednesday, 01 April 2009 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(1223)