Worshipping at the Temple of Doom
Anyone who knows me will know that my body is a temple - of doom! But whenever I get the chance I try and bag a slot when the Braveheart nurses are about to get my cholesterol, and blood sugar and the like checked out, so I jumped at the chance a few weeks ago when I was in Edinburgh at a Healthy Working Lives conference to have myself looked over. Cholesterol was fine (tribute to my healthy eating regime), blood sugar was fine, but blood pressure. Uh, oh. Bit high, so the nurse took it again. Even higher. Get it checked out pronto she told me. Went to the Doctor who confirmed it was high and had to come down, and he gave me details about the Dash Diet, so I've been cutting out the salt, reducing the salt, and switching to Lo Salt. result? Gotand the results of my blood test - excellent, andandwas checked out yesterday. Blood pressure is okay again. I am happy. The doctor is happy - ish, but you still have to lose weight, he tells me. Time for some restoration work at the temple, methinks.

By: Ian Hunter On Tuesday, 24 March 2009 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(1427)