Read Raw hit the road and other traveller's tales
Mo Blake was the poet-in-chief last week at Sammy Dow's in Glasgow, so naturally the Read Raw bunch and some of her friends went along to lend morale support, and keep the getaway car running just in case. No need, of course,she went down a storm and yours truly, and Mr. Purcell also read as well. I kept it to four poems, all fairly light stuff. Keep them laughing is my motto, it spoils their aim. Then on Saturdayandat Ajay Close's invitation we hit Perth for the open mike at their literary festival. Read Raw were out in force and I managed to give 'June, In Other Places', an airing. That's my poem in response to Shi Toa, the Chinese journalist and writer's own poem 'June' as well as commenting on the last ten years of his life which he has spent in jail. 'He's in jail just for writing?' Sophie said in disbelief afterwards. Sadly, yes, but Scottish PEN have adopted him as an honourary member, and we campaign for his freedom.

In Edinburgh at a conference last week, I picked up a copy of Jim Butcher's 'Furies of Calderon', the first of his Codex Alera novels just to see what the fuss is about. I know his work through 'The Dresden Files' TV series and the books it was based on, some of which are scattered around Alex's bedroom. I also picked up a copy of Liz Williams' 'Snake Agent', the first of the Detective Inspector Chen series that Neil Williamson clued me into. Pure joy, and it made me dig out 'Precious Dragon', the third book in the series, and the first one I bought. Guess what the 'Now Words' in this month's 'The Now' is going to be? Oh, no, it's that time already!

But, before I go, check out the Read Raw website (last plug, this time, honest) for the sterling work Wullie has been doing which now contains dubious facts about us, and downright scary pics - GW Colkitto is Hannibal Lector! Somebody tell me it's just the lighting. I'm going round to his house on Friday. Crivvens!

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