Belated birthday wishes for the Genesis boys, and Father Sandor knew my father.
Heard on Rock Radio that Steve Hackett turned 59 the other day. I think I've got his first five solo albums and saw him a few times in concert in those days, and for a while his song 'Spectral Mornings' seemed to be the BBC 2 theme song. I'd certainly recommend 'Voyage of the Acolyte', 'Please Don't Touch' (with a stellar guest list), and 'Spectral Mornings', and any of the Genesis albums he played on, particularly his guitar solo on 'Firth of Firth'andfrom the live album, and'Seconds Out'

And lo, and behold, Peter Gabriel turned 59 the next day (is there a trend here? Phil Collins was 58 a couple of weeks back). I've got seven of his albums, and caught him twice live. The first time, at the Glasgow Apollo is still one of the best concerts I have ever seen, and the second one at the SECC wasn't too shabby either. Albums 3 and 4 are my particular favourites, and I see he refused to perform a much-shortened version of his Grammy-winning song, 'Down to Earth' at this year's Oscars. Go,Pete.

Caught the last half of Dracula Prince of Darkness last night where Dracula is 'killed' by Father Sandor's rifle shots breaking the ice surrounding him and a circle of ice flips over andandhe slips beneath the surface - cue 'Dracula Has Risen From the Grave', Great to see Andrew Keir in action, born in Shotts in Lanarkshire, just fifteen minutes from where I write this, and where my parents were born. In fact, he went to school with my father, and once or twice, I bumped into him in the local supermarket. No vampires were spotted in the frozen food section.

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