Go Mickey - Noel Clarke Wins BAFTA
Caught some of the BAFTAs the other night there, and noticed no Dickie Attenborough on at the end to present the Fellowship Award, or whatever it's called to Terry Gilliam (and there was a slightly surreal, replay/loop thing going on with the showing of clips from his movies - intentional, or what?). But pleased to see Noel Clarke winning the BAFTA Orange Rising Star Award - which actually looks like some weird orange ice-lolly head sculpture. While the award went to him for his writing and directing work on the film,andAdulthood (the follow-up to Kidulthood, which he also wrote and starred in),andNoel Clarke is perhaps better known to some of us as Mickey Smith in Doctor Who, and I actually met him in Forbidden Planet in Glasgow last year after he was doing a signing that was queued out the door. Nice guy, I thought, so go Mickey! Er, Noel.

By: Ian Hunter On Wednesday, 11 February 2009 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(1407)