Getting the Elbow - I'm watching too much tennis!
I used to play tennis - a lot. For about fifteen years I played all the time. Team matches, in competitions, in tournaments, I even used to coach. I thought if I dropped dead on a tennis court thenandI would die happy, and in all that time I don't think I had a single injury.

But now I have tennis elbow. Lifting things, like a full kettle, hurts. Straightening my arm hurts. Typing at a computer really hurts.

'You've been watching too much tennis,' the doctor told me, but real reason is the Molster, four stone - or whatever she weighs - of blooming dog, who changes direction in a nano-second when she is out for a walk, usually homing in on some bit of discarded food. That's the cause of it. So now I have tablets to take and I go to physio every week for massage and ultra-sound, and I wear a brace thing around my arm, just below the elbow, which supports the torn muscles and makes other muscles do the work, until after a few hours they yell: 'Take this thing off! It hurts!'

We should have bought a smaller dog. We should have bought a dog without a will of its own. We should have bought a cat, cats don't need walked.


By: Ian Hunter On Wednesday, 04 February 2009 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(1199)