I'm getting worse!!! That was the week that was.....
Ahem, so much for regularly blogging, but at least I finally got January's 'The Now' posted, after a fashion, problem is that it's already February.

Caught the SF Circle last Tuesday where we 'crittered' Rich's novel. Good night, two new members and some fine craic in the pub afterwards.

Friday, we were in Edinburgh for Teddy Thomson at The Queen's Hall, one of my favourite venues over the years. I've seen Candy Dufler there (twice), the Modern Jazz Quartet, Ornette Coleman, Dewey Redman, Courtney Pine, Alan Holdsworth, Bill Bruford's Earthworks, the late Bob Berg and Mike Stern,andand various Tommy Smith line-ups, plus a whole lot of others. Best concert ever was Dudu Pakwana's Zila - pure joy. Of course, I shouldn't forget catching the Tom Bankcroft Orchestra there, as his sister, Sophie, joined him on stage which led us to naming our daughter - Tom!and No, Sophie. Sadly, Teddy wasn't a concert to remember, but a good meal down the road at the 'Pink Olive'.

Last night was the annual Superbowl party, after a pool massacre in the pub. Few casualties this year, but it is an annual event, starting way back in the 1980s when Channel 4 covered the sport with Nicky Horne, then Frank Gifford, the Vicious Boys and Mick Luckhurst presenting the show over the years. The beauty of Channel 4's coverage was that they had a round-up show on at a decent hour, and great use of Frankie's 'Two Tribes' in the results section. Hey, it isandwar after all.and Five, bless them, show live coverage in the wee small hours.andBut Sunday's Superbowlandwas a good game that went down to the wire with the Steelers winning their sixth title.The half-time show was Bruce Sprintsteen who was excellent - couple of classics, well, THE song (you know the oneand mean), and the new single.andIt's only since the early 1990s that the half-time show has been worth watching with big acts like Michael Jackson, U2 and the Stones appearing in the last fifteen years or so, but they still manage to throw in some clunkers, like the 1995 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye', or 2000's 'Tapestry of Nations'. Travesty of Nations, more like. No wardrobe malfunctions either this year, phew, although maybe excessive use of hair dye on show.

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