Chuffed and not so chuffed
Happy New year! I know, I'm a few days late, but it is a busy time, isn't it.

Thanks to Jim Steel of the GSFWC for pointing out that Postscripts 17 has just come out with a story of mine in it. I'm chuffed to be in one of the best small press magazines around (not that the mighty PS is very small press-like). It's an Uncle Jack story, of a visit to the seaside with his niece and nephew, but when your uncleand just might be an immortal Jack the Ripper, you can expect all sorts of adventures and 'otherness'.andandMemo to self to finish off the sequel story and send it to Postscripts, now there's a cunning plan.

Looking forward to the GSFWC meeting up next week to 'critter' an albino vampire story of mine.

And beforeandI go, I really should put 2008 to bed by listing my top whatevers of the year.

Film? It would be a close call between 'Hellboy 2' and 'Iron Man' with the former winning by a short, horned head.andCertainly, and'The Spirit' won't be on the best of list for 2009. I caught it on Saturday and it was pretty poor, just occasionally capturing the magic and nowhere near the 'spirit' of the character and the original comics. It certainly had a comic feel about it (but think of 'Sin City', the movie),andexcept a Frank Miller one.No bad thing, normally, but sadly, nothing like Will Eisner's originals.

Music? We'll revisit that shortly.

Books? New book had to be Neil Gaiman's 'The Graveyard Book'. Old book was a close one between Gaiman's 'American Gods (the author's preferred text) and 'Air' by Geoff Ryman, with the latter winning by being a sensational, compelling and very 'human' piece of science fiction, about an illiterate dress designer in a nowhere village in Asia facing up to the internet going 'live' inside everyone's heads. Superb, and thanks to Neil Williamson for the heads up on that one.

Gig? Ohhhh, too many good ones, especially at Downoad where Ace Frehley was the highlight, but it would have to go to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, who played the Manchester Apollo.

Music? What again! Okay, okay, soon, I promise.

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