Goodbye Freddie Hubbard, and everyone else.
The jazz trumpet giant, Freddie Hubbard, died yesterday. I was lucky enough to see him in concert at a North Sea Jazz Festival in the Hague, with McCoy Tyner on piano, and I still have some pictures of that gig. He was a great, grinning bear of a man, squeezed into a suit that looked too small for him. Apart from his playing, I remember he turned from side to side -anda lot, almost as if he was doing 'the twist', and he snapped his fingers constantly. He looked like he was having fun, we certainly were.

So in honour of those who have passed on this year, here's a nod to some people who will be missed for all sorts of reasons, good and bad.

January 2008 - George MacDonald Fraser, Oscar Peterson, Sir Edmund Hillary, Jack Brod (the last original tenant of the Empire State Building)

Februrary 2008and- Jeremy Beadle, Tommy McQuater (Scottish-born Godfather of British jazz trumpeters), Emily Perry (former bridesmaid of Dame Edna Everage), Steve Gerber (comic book writer and creator of 'Howard the Duck')

March 2008 - Paul Scofield, Sir Arthur C Clarke, Anthony Minghella, Dave Stevens (creator of 'The Rocketeer' comic, which in its day was the best comic book for miles around)

April 2008 - Charlton Heston, Klaus Dinger (former Kraftwerk drummer), Hazel Court (former 'scream queen')

May 2008 - Tristram Cary (electronic film composer), Irena Sendlerowa (rescuer of Warsaw Jews, who incredibly took children out of the ghetto by having them hold on to her legs beneath her skirts)

June 2008 - Stan Wiston (special effects and make-up wizard), Esbjorn Svensson (leader of the Swedish jazz trio E.S.T.), Algis Budrys (science fiction writer)

July 2008 - Thomas M Disch (another great science fiction writer and creator of 'The Brave Little Toaster')

September 2008 - Richard Wright - keyboard player and singer with Pink Floyd

October 2008 - Paul Newman (for everything really, but especially for playing one of my favourite detectives (Lew Archer, renamed Lew Harper) in 'The Moving Target' and 'The Drowning Pool', Neal Hefti (composer of that Batman theme tune, all together now)

November 2008 - Michael Crichton

December 2008 - Oliver Postgate (for 'The Clangers' and everything else), James Cawthorn (quintessential illustrator of Michael Moorcock's work), Forrest J Ackerman (Mr. Monster himself, thanks for 'Famous Monsters of Filmland', Forry)


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