C'mon the Biff!!!!!
Caught Biffy Clyro the other night at the SECC - and first a mini-rant about the car-parking arrangements there. Guys, what's with the dug-up car park at the front of the SECC, the crazy traffic lights (which the taxi drivers mainly ignore, of course) and the snaking up and down past the centre (not to mention a little detour on to the Clydeside Expressway), before parking at the wrong end of the place? What with the concert, the carnival and Beauty and the Beast all playing at the same time, you guessed it, it's crazeee, man!

Sadly, number one daughter finally succumbed to the miasma of swirling lurginess that is doing the rounds. She had girlfully fought off the germs to make it to her school dance and 'Twilight' - like she would miss that, but the Biff was an event too far. Still, Russell stepped into the breach and accompanied Alex and I to Glasgow. And very good, they were too. The second time I've caught them this year. The first was at Download in the summer, so it was a lot different from standing on a hillside, swilling pear cider and spotting those in the crowd dressed as members of KISS (who had probably participated in the world-record attempt at being a KISS face-painted person the night before, and found they couldn't get the face paint off (or were never going to wash it off, such was their devotion to the band)).

But, back to the Biff. Yep, all the songs you would expect were there. 'Think these guys have listened to Nirvana'?' Russell asked. Much thrashing, much jumping on top of speakers, much violin-playing - eh? But maybe tone down the strobe lighting next time, guys, there are some old geezers in the crowd.

By: Ian Hunter On Tuesday, 23 December 2008 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(1651)