That was the week that was...
Okay, so we lost by a single goal, but itand could have been more as I heard it was men against boys in the first twenty minutes or so, with Argentina running circles around us.

So much for football, now on to writing matters. Went to the Glasgow SF Writers Circle last Tuesday and came away with six pages worth of notes and some really good ideas about my story 'First Prize'and such as how to deal with dead end plot lines like the 'twin's latest psychic abilities' and the actual setting of the story, oh, and maybe some pointers about my actual alternative reality. 'Heil de heil', right enough. Neil Williamson describes the painful process a bit more in his blog, and Al Duncan has written up a guide to how the circle actually works in his. In the main, the process is very actually helpful, and it has helped me a lot to tighten up my work and actually place some stories and poems.andI think we had about 14 people on the night, so I didn't scare away too many people.

Didn't get the same degree of criticism at Read Raw on Thursday night - that's not how it works (unless we really want to, like the recent New Writing Scotland hothouse, unlike the SF Circle we read on the night, and people are reacting to what they have just heard/read) - but thanks to the gang for giving me some pointers on an early chapter of 'FFTNInc', and helping me get back into the mindset.

Friday - and Linda was at an old work's reunion so the Pool Guys and St. Angus visited me for a few beers, and debates on how to solve the credit crunch, and how to persuade Kris Boyd to play for Scotland again. Apart from some great music and old 'Metallica' and 'Stevie Ray Vaughan' concerts, Angus brought along his 'Angry Kid' DVD, which is a series of animation shorts by the same people who did 'Wallace and Grommit' and 'Creature Comforts', but, hey, does anyone remember 'Morph'? Suffice to say that it was hilarious - at some pointsandI was having trouble breathing asandI wiped the tears from my eyes.

Oh, and got the signing sheets in for 'Postscripts 17'. Last time I did this, the publisher decided to bring the book out as a CD Rom, without the signing sheets that had gone around the world, ho, hum.



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