I've got an e-book collection of short stories out today called "The Cutting Edge of Art and other stories". The title story won the Scotia Short Story prize a couple of years ago and there a couple of other prize winning stories included.

Here's what my publisher, PotHole Press says on Amazon:

"The Cutting Edge of Art and other stories mixes fantasy and horror with Glasgow humour at its best. 
• A Christmas story featuring a different Santa and elves from the ones we know and love. 
• The prospect of a mermaid fish supper. 
• Pastiches of a fantastic Glasgow. 
• A board game story from the counters’ point of view. 
Ian is a Director of the Scottish Writers Collective, Read Raw Ltd and is poetry editor for the British Fantasy Society’s Journal. He also writes book reviews for the UK’s leading science fiction magazine, Interzone and for Concatenation. He is a member of the Glasgow SF Writers Circle. 
His stories and poems have appeared in magazines and anthologies in the UK, USA and Canada, most recently in Bloodbond magazine (with a story featuring his vampire character, Roam Belanger that starts at the Pittenweem Arts Festival), Star*Line, and the anthologies Cadavers and Hero’s Best Friend. Ian is the author of three children’s novels: The Dark Knight’s Blade, Lipstick Lass, and The Magic Mousehole."

It's available here:


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