Martyn Bennett died ten years ago, and when he died, I wrote a poem about him and how Celtic Connections were marking his passing and the poem appeared in the anthology "My Wife Becomes a Field", a title taken from a poem by Glasgow makar, Jim Carruth.

Now ten years later, Celtic Connections 2015 is starting the festival with an orchestral version of his album "Grit", which I've got somewhere in the CD "cabinet", but Bennett also did some great collaborations with Scottish jazz artistTommySmith - pipes against saxophones, check out their collaboration "Karabach".



And Celtic Connections are

hosting two commemorative events

But if you can’t make it

take one of his albums

Grit, perhaps, that would do

Hold it in your hand

Edge running along your thumb and index finger

like a stone you are about to skim over water

Then attack the wall

Slicing through paint and paper,

plaster and brick

Don’t stop

even when it hurts

When your skin starts to tear

muscle and bone and CD fuse together

and you break across the borderlands

to where death healed him

And you can hear the keening, calling pipes

full of the sound of loss and love,

joy and sorrow

and everything in between

By: Ian Hunter On Thursday, 15 January 2015 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(46431)