Recent Publishing Successes

I noticed that my entry on the Scottish Book Trust's "Writers Register" was getting a bit out of date regarding publishing credits so I updated it with the following, and still managed to miss out several poems and stories:

The Star in the Water" (story) in "Bloodbond" (Alban Lake 2014)

"Stain" (story) in "Sensorama" (Eibonvale Press 2014)

"Like. Nothing. You've. Ever. Seen. Before." (story) in "Cadavers" (Knightwatch Press 2014)

"A Visit to the Court Awakens" (poem) in "Space and Time" 120 (Spring 2014)

“The Circle” (story)  in “Tales of the Undead – The Undead in Pictures” (Horrified Press 2014)

"Exploding Raphaelesque Heads" (story) in "The Tenth Black Book of Horror" (Mortbury Press 2013) and reprinted in "Best British Horror 2014" (Salt Publishing 2014)

"The Rocking Stone" (story) in "The Horror Fields" (Morpheus Tales 2014)

"The Routine At The End of the World" (prose poem) in "Phobos Magazine 1 (2013)

"The Monster of Gorgon" (story) in "The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 2" (Alchemy Press 2013)

"10 Things You Didn't Know About Staple Removers" (poem) in Star*Line 35.2 (reprinted in "The 2013 Rhysling Anthology")

"The Collected Thoughts of God" (poem) in "Star*Line 36.3 (Summer 2013)

"Afterwards" (poem) in Star*Line 36.4 (Autumn 2013)

"Werewolf Baby"(poem) in Star*Line 36.1 (January 2013)

"Trick No Treat" and "The Werewolf as Failed Escapologist" (poems) in Star*Line 35.4 (October-December 2012)

"A Bad Day For Vampire Hunting" (poem) in "Dreams and Nightmares" 93 (Sept 2012)

"A Fairy Tale Excuse"(poem) in Star*Line 35.3 (July-Sept 2012)

"My Sister Said" (poem) in "Sein und Werden" 2012

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