We'll be coming ! We'll be coming!
Scotland are playing Argentina tonight, with Maradona in charge of the visitors, and Terry Butcher (former England captain, and now assistant Scotland manager) is refusing to shake hands with him for the 'Hand of God' incident, when England played Argentina in the World Cup - was it a quarter final? I remember 'The Hand' and the goal Maradona scored after that. Who doesn't? One of the greatest goals of all time. I also remember going to see Scotland play Argentina way back in 1979. The second time we had played them. We drew back in 1977 in Buenos Aires that first time. andAnd we won the last time, in 1990, I think. So it's one win each and one draw. The 1979 team had the likes of Rough, Hansen, Wark, Narey, and Dalglish, playing that night. There was also a certain G. Burley playing, now the team manager. Good omen? Watch this space. Oh, in 1979, you haven't worked it out? We lost 3-1. Ah, well, they were the World Champions.

By: Ian Hunter On Wednesday, 19 November 2008 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(1447)