Supernatural Tales 14 out now
Just got the latest issue of Supernatural Tales, number 14, in from David Longhorn, and it's gone straight to the top of the reading pie, even usurping a proof copy of Mike Cobley's latest novel (and he's a fellow Glasgow SF Writers Circle member for Pete's sake). It's a tribute toandDavid's hard work thatandSupernatural tales isandstill as strong as ever, and this latest issue includes a couple of well-kent faces, with stories from Simon Strantzas, and Tony Lovell, and Bill Read. Just glancing through this issue, I lingered long enough to read Jane Jakeman's witty, '13 Safety Precautions for the Hours of Darkness', even if it isn't listed in the contents page. David!andIt's always good to read the reviews and be guided towards a gem I might have missed. Sadly, the first title featured is Simon Strantzas' collection 'Beneath the Surface' fromandHumdrumming, who've just went under. David also reviews Brian Showers' 'The Bleeding Horse', which I've featured in my first 'The Now', and we've got the start of an occasional series called 'An Overlooked Classic' which looks at 'Winterwood and other hauntings' by Keith Roberts.andSupernatural Tales is a class act, which I urge you to catch by subscribing. I do/have/did. Ooops, I confess, David, my subscription has run out, but the cheque's in the post - honest!

By: Ian Hunter On Monday, 17 November 2008 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(1827)