Apart from a ghost story that's appeared in the latest issue of the Journal of the British Fantasy Society (and I'll say no more about that - no spoilers here), I was runner up in the Scotia Bar's Poet Laureate competition, sandwiched in between John Savage (in first place), and Ray Evans (in second place). As reigning short story laureate,or whatever I'm called, I couldn't quite do the double. Sadly, Read Rawers Wullie Purcell and GW Colkitto were not in the top three, but it was a very strong field for the final, and I was chuffed to get second place.

Hot off the virtual press - I was equally chuffed to have my story "Ho, Ho" appear in the Christmasa edition of "Estronomicon" alongside Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle-eers, Neil Williamson and Stewart Horn, but also beside such well kent faces (well, to me anyway) as Bob Lock, Marion Pitman, Jan Edwards, and Peter Coleborn.

You can find a copy here


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