The Winter 2011/12 issue of The BFS Journal has gone to press and should be with all contributors by Christmas. Its packed full of fiction and non-fiction, and might be my last issue as poetry editor - haven't heard to the contrary so fingers crossed

The contents are:

 Ramsey's Rant - Ramsey Campbell
The First Con is the Deepest - Sarah Doyle
Father Christmas 2011 - Rod Rees
The Mark of Fear - Mark Morris
Bad Vibrations - Allen Ashley
Granny's Lucky Charm - Stuart Hughes
Tick-Tock Woman - Deborah Walker
Genre War: What is it Good For? - Sophia McDougall
Learning by Rote - Julian Baxter-Cockbill
Lamia, Alone - Sarah Doyle
Antisocial Media - Jared Shurin
The Monday Rebellion - Andy Oldfield
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like... - Ray Cluley
BFS Masterclass #1: How to write a fight - James Barclay
Heading Home - Ian Hunter
The King Is Dead... - Alister Davison
On Publishing: Jo Fletcher
Post-Apocalyptic Young Adult Fiction: Hell with Hormones - Lizzie Barrett
Swings and Roundabouts - Allen Ashley
Mostly in Shadow: Lesser Known Writers of Weird Fiction: Part Four: Henry S Whitehead - Mike Barrett
The Ghoul - Deborah Walker
Kindling - Alasdair Stuart
The Sea is in My Blood - Deborah Walker
A Man of Many Talents: Peter Crowther - Interviewed by Caroline Callaghan
The Evoked - James Brogden

And let's not forget the fantastic cover art by Vincent Chong.


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