Almost a Download night out and Heroes we go again
Yep, in the local earlier with Russell, and bumped into Dave and Tommy (the Hand) who with that name always reminds me of Rollin Hand - Martin Landau's character from 'Mission Impossible', and Chubby was there too. Where were the rest of the Download guys?andGood to see we are signed up for various concerts in the next few months, from Biffy Clyro to Metallica. Had a bit of a discussion as to whether or not 'Opeth' with 'Cynic' in support, playing on Monday night in Glasgow,andare worth catching, for both of their 90 minute long songs.

He might be in New York, but has Mr.Stone - who had predicted the credit crunch years ago -and also predicted the demise of 'Heroes'?and Busy, busy, busy, script, and here we go again, with Hiro about to time travel again. Last time, Sylar was a dad (with a son called Noah - wonder who the mum was? Claire!!!!!!), making waffles for his son. before he blew up an entire city. Sylar is the anti-heroandwe love (and love to hate), but what sort of variation on the future might we get this time? Are the writers running out of ideas? We've got Mohinder riffing off 'Dr Jeykll and Mr.Hyde', and especially David Cronenberg's remake of 'The Fly' - not much orginality there. But, holy ressurection, Batman! Now that Arthur Petrelli is on the scene, has Malcolm McDowell's 'Daniel Linderman' gone for good?

By: Ian Hunter On Saturday, 15 November 2008 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(1351)