Our darling boy, Alexander, is 18 years old today, in fact he was born about 6.23am eighteen years ago after a long and difficult labour. He was due to be born on the 1st, and appeared two weeks late; and funnily enough, his little sister Sophie was due on the 1st a few years later, and she also appeared two weeks late, must be a family thing. I'd never been to the birth of a child before, and naively took a bag with something to read, and an apple to eat. For over seven hours, I never sat down, standing up to help Linda with a long and difficult birth that all went pear-shaped at the end, as the midwives realised that the Alex's cord was around his neck, and then the heartbeat monitor which had been beeping and showing the heart rate for hours stopped making a noise and showed no more numbers. I was elbowed out of the way and the midwives took over, and a boy appeared, grey, and unmoving. It was the worst feeling ever, and they took him away to "clear out his tubes" and then we heard a baby crying, and the noise has never stopped. I wrote a poem about the experience, and it got accepted by "New Writing Scotland" the annual anthology which gave me an annual knock-back, more cause for joy, and that appears in the "vaults" section here.


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