Computer games vs comics as movies
Caught Quantum of Solace the other day with number one son and his Grandad, and it wasn't too shabby (see a future The Now) for more comments. Apart from the popcorn, what I like about a trip to the cinema are the trailers. Somehow I forget that I've gone to see a film like 'Inspector Gadget' on the strength of a great trailer, only to see a movie where all the best bits were in the trailer. This time the trailers were poor, not helped by the fact that they've put the latest Harry Potter film back until next year. What we got was a trailer for the remake of 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' with Keanu Reeves (why, why, why , remake that film?), and a trailer for Madagascar 2 (with the penguins stealing the trailer, and probably the film), then a trailer for Max Payne which looked not too bad for a computer game turned into a movie. But I should remember the 'Law of Inspector Gadget'. Will it really be any good? When has a computer game ever been turned into a good movie? 'Silent Hill', 'Resident Evil', 'The House of the Dead'. I rest my case, before we even start on 'Tomb Raider'. On Saturday, I was hoping to see trailers for Frank Miller's version of 'The Spirit' or the trailer for 'The Watchmen', even if Alan Moore has had his name taken off the credits, which perhaps doesn't bode too well. Why do comics make better films than computer games? I know that recently 'X-Men 3' went slightly off the rails when compared to the first two (because Bryan Singer who directed the first two left at the start of shooting for the third one), and 'Superman Returns' (directed by Bryan Singer who had just left 'X-Men 3') was a tad too long (like the latest Batman film), even the Spidey moviesandwhich can beandvisually too difficult and too fast (for me) to follow during the fight scenes,andare good solid pieces of entertainment, just like 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' and 'Constantine'. One of my favouriteandfilms - 'Ghost World' (part of my losers trilogy: 'Napoleon Dynamite' and 'Donnie Darko' being the other two) was based on a comic book that few people willandknow, or have even read, but the quality just oozed off the screen, and there is not a superhero in sight,and just two teenage girls trying to cope with the post-school world.andHere's to the day when they turn Jack Kirby's 'Fourth World'andseries into aandmovie, or six; or even better get a billion dollar budget together to make a movie out of DC's 'Kingdon Come', now we're talking.and

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