Thanks to everyone turning out for the post-Halloween WordDogs bash at Cafe Hula on the 1st November. We had 8 readers attending on the night, and a few others by proxy and G.W. Colkitto did a marvellous job of reading on behalf of Peter Tennent and also the Karen Ellery/ReggieOliver/M. R. James contribution which was the perfect start to the evening. Sadly a few of the readers caught the dreaded lurghi or they would have turned up as well and we would have out-numbered the nine people who were in the audience, and it was great to see Gary Gibson, and Neil Williamson among them.  Pictures of the gathering are on my Facebook page and Neil's mobile uploads album which he took and posted during the event - me, I do the more steam-driven version a week later.

Highlights? Well, everything I thought, particularly the two pieces G. W. read, and the Al Duncan, Jim Steel, Elaine Gallagher, and Mark Harding contributions, and it was nice to see newcomer Ian Paton along with some Halloween zombieism, and if he's not too careful he might actually turn up at the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle in future.

As for the next WordDogs, I predicted it would return nothing like the contents of the Ian Fleming short story it takes its title from, and having been a Junta member for the last few events - all the way back to the end of 2008, I reckon, then it's time to pass on the torch, but hang on a minute!  "Weird Love 2, another antidote to St. Valentine's Day" - somebody stop me please!

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