Ahhhwhooooooo!!!!!! The Halloween WordDogs - deadline extended

Glasgow's spoken word event, Word Dogs, returns at Halloween for a night of Horror, and stuff! We'll be gathering at Cafe Hula at the top of Hope Street on Sunday 31st October, 7.30pm for an 8pm start. Cafe Hula has its very own skeleton looking down from above - you can't miss it - and the skeleton has agreed to be a judge if anyone cares to turn up in fancy dress.

We'll take stories, poems, extracts, plays, a visit from your great Aunty Flo whom you have just dug up from her grave - if you bring enough air freshner, that is; hell, we'll even welcome a zombie on a leash.
Submissions made up of any of the above (except the icky body parts) should be no longer than 2500 words, please (this is a strict submission rule, anything longer than that will be rejected unread) - and should be sent to:
Ian Hunter at ihunter24601@hotmail.com
Don't worry, I alone, am not the all-powerful junta, fellow Read Raw Ltd director, G.W. Colkitto, is the real power behind my throne
Please send your submissions to me by the 20th of October, that's ages away, so no excuses.
G.W. and I look forward to be touched by your Halloween horrors, and promise not to contact "Crimewatch" for that reward, you sickos.

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