Back, with part two. We're so professional, as Frank said on stage, but, hey, I've been on holiday, so eat chain, as he also said. Yes, the concert started with "Big Swifty", quite possibly the Zappa song I would include on my playlist if I was ever on "Desert Island Disks". A pretty straight version of the album track, not the jazz-fusion fest of the version on "You Can't Do That Live on Stage Anymore Vol. 1" with Chester Thompson and George Duke slugging it out. Then followed songs like "Montana", "Daddy Daddy Daddy", "The Little House I Used to Live In", "Echidna's Arf (of You)", "The Blue Light", "Blessed Relief" (a song Zappa wrote but never recorded), a little bit of guitar-noodling from Dweezil on "Eruption", "City of Tiny Lights", "Advance Romance", "Inca Roads", "Easy Meat", and some Billy Connelly-like rambling on "Pick Me I'm Clean" from vocalist Ben Thomas who was just as good as the rest of the band, but then, Frank always had great sidemen and women, something the Dweez has obviously continued with. After two hours, the encore included "Florentine Pogen", sadly without an appearance from Chester's Gorilla, but still great fun, and very essential, as the man with THAT moustache would have said. He may be gone, but the music lives on.

By: Ian Hunter On Saturday, 14 August 2010 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(4188)