Thanks to the generosity of my workmates I was given a mega-gift voucher for FOPP for my 50th birthday, but have I spent it wisely? Well, one of my purchases was "A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble" Vol2 by the Amorphous Androgynous, subtitled "Pagan Love Vibrations (Exploding in Your Mind). I don't really go in for impulse buys, in fact, I think I've only bought two albums on impulse, funnily enough both in the now defunct Virgin Records at the bottom of Renfield Street in Glasgow, and they were by The Cure and Muddy Waters. But there I was in Fopp in Renfield Street (spookily opposite where the Virgin store used to be) and there was this album playing. Crashing guitar, great drums (I am a bit of frustrated jazz drummer). I went up and asked what was playing. They pointed to the album above which was mounted on the wall, under a sign saying NOW PLAYING - doh! I walked around and picked up some albums but the sounds just got better and better so I had to buy it. In fact, this was their only copy and they had to get it out of their CD player to sell it to me.

What's on it? Well, the track that lured me was the first one called "Satt Att Se" by Dungen, but there are loads of great songs and instrumentals on this double CD, and some strange, far-out, not-so-great tracks which are still a lot of fun. Think bad sitcom theme tunes on acid. Look out for Friends of Dean Martinez, Bo Diddley, The Transpersonals, Cranium Pie, Ultimate Spinach (playing Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess, of course), Focus, Oasis (!), Cozy Powell, Richard Harris, Hawkwind, the Edgar Winter Group, and the fun just goes on and on.

By: Ian Hunter On Wednesday, 07 July 2010 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(7959)