For a few years, I was a Fringe reviewer for Radio Forth at the Edinburgh Festival - which gave you free membership of the Fringe Club and the odd stalking by an even odder director who didn't like my review. What was great about reviewing was to see a quote taken from your review appearing in the ads for the same performer when they returned next year. Apart from also being a great way to get to know all the out of the way venues in Edinburgh - stretching from Morningside to Musselburgh. There were times when actors took ill, walked off, we even had a power cut and the company would begin again from the start when the power came back on - repeating the same unfunny lines. I won't go into the Japanese fairy story with the wardrobe and the performer sitting only feet away from us - lucky escape, eh, Russell? But I've got some great,funny, and cringe-making memories.

I reckon that while I hadn't quite seen it all, I had seen part of it, until a couple of Saturdays ago when Alex and I went to see Amanda Palmer's new band "Evelyn Evelyn" at Oran Mor.  Because Alex was coming back from Glasgow and Doctor Who was on (hey, it was a Dalek episode) we arrived at 8pm, missing the support but at the start of Palmer's preamble/organising of her act which took an hour, since the rest of the band were stuck in the States due to volcanic ash. What a mighty effort it was, and no doubt You Tube and Twitter and other places can give you the whole epic saga. But by enlisting members of the audience, one of the support acts, someone who could draw and make puppets and her main man (no, not Neil Gaiman, I mean her main music man) who was on the webcam back in her apartment in Boston playing piano, accordian and anything else he could find, the show did indeed go on. Oh, and with the help of a pint of beer and a can of Red Bull,or should that be "Dead Bull"? Amanda we salute you.


By: Ian Hunter On Sunday, 25 April 2010 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(3366)