BBC Scotland have been running various "things" under the banner "Scotland Writes", the latest being "Write Here, Write Now" encouraging people to write a sitcom set in Scotland. Why not, I thought, having failed miserably to enter their compeition looking for new drama writers. I'm a funny guy, I can make people laugh (in more ways than one). The problem is that I'm picky about which sitcoms I watch, consider most of them to be unfunny, and aimed at people older then me - the "Terry and June Syndrome" I call it, or "Keeping Up Appearancitis". The sitcoms I like are things like "The Mighty Boosh", or "The IT Crowd", or going further back a few years, "Black Books". The only recent sitcom I laughed at was "Miranda" and I've got a copy of the first episode of that series right in front of me to give me a steer in how to lay out a script.

Ah, the dog, you ask. Well, she ate a parma ham bone earlier today and is now paying for it with a belly full of bone fragments. I suspect there will be puddles of sick to clear up in the morning. Always a Joy that is. Anyway, right now, she looks something like this:


By: Ian Hunter On Sunday, 21 March 2010 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(14378)