Everything you wanted to ask the Mad Blonde about Halloween and boy, has she answered, and some other spooky goings on.
First, the spookyness, thanks to RPN at the Ghost Story Society for giving the heads upandthat Juno Books, has just made available a PDF file *Five Classic Ghost Stories: A Halloween Treat*, which consists of:

'Let Loose,' Mary Cholmondeley (1890)
'The Striding-Place,' Gertrude Atherton (1896)
'The Lost Ghost,' Mary E. Wilkins Freeman (1903)
'Kerfol,' Edith Wharton (1916)
'Spunk,' Zora Neale Hurston (1925)


To my shame, I'm only aware of Edith Wharton, so I'm looking forward to reading the others.

Boy , are you lucky people out there, another GSS member, The Mad Blonde, has just posted her annual Halloween message/info burst, packed full of information about ghosts, and hauntings, and classic cartoons, as well as music videos. Basically 'Everything You Wanted to Know About Halloween But Now There Is No Need To Ask', because she's done it all for us, and we thank her, we're not worthy, we know that, but we'll grab all we can get anyway.

Catch it at :


You lucky, lucky people.

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