Playing catch-up, but Linda and I went to hear Professor David Wilson discussing his new book, "A History of British Serial Killers".  To a packed house he went through the differences between serial killers and spree killers and mass murderers; talked about male and female serial killers, and those who killed in pairs; and went through the typical victims of serial killers, which seems mainly to be women over sixty, gay men, or women working in the sex trade. Fascinating and appauling in places, and maybe I shouldn't say that it gave me some ideas - for stories that is, not murders.

Caught the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle the other week where we had a double bill - stories from Elaine Gallagher and Mark Harding, the latter he read at the WordDogs "Weird Love" night recently. A good night as usual and great craic in the pub afterwards. Might have to miss next week's meeting as I'm getting ready for the World Horror Convention in Brighton which starts next Thursday and apart from making pitches to the Dragon's Den that is "Pitch Black" , I'm - gulp - the very first reader of the convention. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Mike Collins of the GSFWC seems to be dominating the world with his sales recently - thought that was my job, but go, Mike.

The Read Raw crew (well three quarters of us) hit Weegie Wednesday the other night to promote Read Raw and Raw Terror. I had two minutes to do it in, and had to follow the whirlwind that is Martin Belk from One Magazine, and was chuffed to find that I've got two poems - "The Giftshop Off the Multiverse" and "My happiness is past its sell by date" in the latest issue that he distributed.

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