Been a busy week, out nearly every night because of various things, but last Wednesday it was the WordDogs (check out our new Facebook page, which I don't have the IT prowess to link too) spoken word event in Glasgow with the theme, "Weird Love"- the antidote to St. Valentine's Day. It was supposed to take place at Café Fressh where the "The Bite Before Christmas" had happened, but closure due to a change of owners made us find the excellent "Art Bar", for 13 readers, plus guests, and a few regulars who must have wondered what they had stumbled into, especially when Al Duncan was reading (yes, THOSE sonnets, heh, heh, heh).  Praise must also go to readers Janie McKie, Tracy Roseberg, Stef Green, Arriela Karro, Mo Blake, George Walker, and Ben McNair (by a proxy reading) for their contributions, and especially my fellow Junta-eers Mark Harding and Paul Cockburn for making things go smoothly before and during the event. Another great night and maybe we will gather again for "April Fools", or "May Day", or "The Longest Day".

Friday was the Lanarkshire Business Excellence Awards 2010 at the Shawlands Park Hotel, which I've passed many times but never been in. There, the great and the good were gathered under the watchful eye of Fred MacAulay, who was a slick host, plus a slice of side-splitting entertainment from rising star, Kevin Bridges, who didn't hold back on his opinions on some of Lanarkshire's towns and the people who inhabit them. Best joke was probably about granny's 30th birthday celebrations. I was a guest of Routes to Work Ltd - North Lanarkshire's community employment intermediary company - who have probably helped 7000 people (or more) into work since they started back in October 2002 when my involvement with them began. Sadly, they didn't win the Best Performing Social Enterprise category (we wuz robbed), but you don't need to get a trophy to say you are the best when you know it anyway.

Last night. Murnie at The Hold in Waterloo Street, who are Neil Williamson's band. Some of us know Neil as a member of the GSFWC, but he also sings and plays keyboards and Murnie are a threesome with a drummer and a guitarist, who also sing. They were excellent, the real deal. Really liked all their set, especially the last song and the "Ace of Spades" cover  Sadly, because of childcare arrangements (or the lack of them) we had to leave when the big band started, and couldn't stay for Miss Leggy Pee at the turntables, but I did win something at her "Tombolo of Tat", which will take pride of place on a bookshelf near my Candy Dufler signed photo. Ah, Candy, where are you now?

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