Listomania - the listing of the best continues

Despite entering the new decade,"best of" lists about films and books continue to appear.

MSN has just posted 15 science fiction films they think are better than "Avatar" - which looks like it's going to be the most successful SF film of all time - which probably means earned the most money, but when did quantity ever equal quality? You can hunt that list down yourself. There are a few givens, some classics, some work of true genius and some omissions - like no old movies, and no "Solaris" (the Russian original, not the George Clooney remake).

However, two guys whose opinion I do respect, Peter Tennett, and Roger Keen have posted some picks of the year and decade here, and there:

And the Guardian have gone large with their 50 best TV dramas of all time. Tune in and get annoyed:




By: Ian Hunter On Thursday, 14 January 2010 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(2915)