Jazz heroes and first Fantasycon
Some old photographs brought a smile to my face the other day.andandMy dad's in a nursing home and I was clearing out an old bureau in his house and came across all these packets of photos. Back in the day I used to be a bit of a jazz photographer, mainly because the first time I went to the North Sea Jazz Festival I took loads of photos with a pocket camera. I had high hopes for them, I mean I wasn't that far away from the stage. And, of course, andthey turned out to be fairly rubbish. So I bought a Pentax P30, and started to take photographs with fast film - 1000asa - no flash. I found hundreds of those photgraphs - Miles Davis, Bob Berg, Mike Brecker, and many more jazz musicians, some taken at festivals abroad, some taken in Scottish venues.andI mention those three in particular because they are no longer with us. I suppose, age and a hard life caught up with Miles. I saw him seven times in concert and the first two times were the greatest concerts I've ever seen. At least half of those times, Bob Berg was playing sax with him, and Berg conquered his own personal demons, only to die in a car crash as he went to buy some cigarettes. andI didn't catch Mike Brecker quite as often, butand both Berg and Brecker toured and recorded with Mike Stern who was Miles' guitarist for a while, before John Scofield took over, and I reckon Scofield was the last great guitarist Miles had, apologies to Robben Ford who came slightly later, but didn't stay very long.and

ne of the other packets had photos of my first Fantasycon, which I think was also a World Fantasy Convention, in London. Clive Barker, James Herbert, Ramsay Campbell, Dennis Etchison, Joe Lansdale, Shaun Hutson, Brian Lumley, Les Daniels, Steve Jones, Jo Fletcher, Gardner Dozois, Stephen Donaldson, Joe Haldeman, Brian Aldiss. They are all there, and more, as well as the late great Charlie Grant and Karl Edward Wagner. I always thought Karl was a hoot, barking out some weary words of wisdon, no doubt gathered from his years editing 'The Years Best Horror Stories'. I can only imagineandall the dreck he had to wade through to bring out an annual volume.and 'The last thing I want to see isandanother story about a serial killer who might be a vampire, butandthen turns out to be a werewolf - arghhhhh!'

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